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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bua O Clock

Have you ever had a clock custom made and hand-painted for you? Well, I had. All the way from Bangkok. (And you can too!)

A very talented friend Kannika or Bua, who I met on a business-related trip almost a decade ago, is pursuing her passion. She had this brilliant idea of translating her  love of art into clocks, among other more traditional ways. I have been following her painting career and is just in awe of her process and skill.

I enjoy her style - the softness and sincerity of her pieces. Which I reckon is but a reflection of her kind, humble and polite personality.

She recently made this very colorful clock for Anya.

How unique and precious! I wish I was this artistic.

Here are more samples of her Bua O Clock, which makes for great conversation pieces and one of a kind present. Like her Facebook page to view more and be updated of her latest projects and clocks for sale. 

Enjoy a peek of her first solo exhibit "Homemade Hues: Freshly Baked Paintings" below.

Such a fantastic job Bua! More power and luck to you and your career!

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