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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A trip to Lakes Entrance

As I've mentioned many times, I am not too keen on road trips. I need a great deal of motivation to  succumb to an invite that will involve many hours on the road. That is why at times when we have guests from abroad, the husband is in charge of driving them around. (He has driven to the Great Ocean Road about 5 times now). Because I also hate going to a far-away place I've already been.  Don't you?

Anyway, after much coaxing, I obliged to go with a group of friends to Lakes Entrance.  Noted as a fishing town and is 5 hours away. The issue was, the weather forecast was grim on the days we were booked in as a group. So in a whim, I decided to go a day early to literally chase the sun before rain clouds hide it.

Because there is nothing worst than driving for 5 hours and unable to go swim at the beach and be stuck indoors for a couple of days. Ok, there are more worst things. But at that instance, that's how I felt.

So off I went, with Anya & Dali & all our luggage to chase the sun. It was decided that the husband will follow the next day via train. I was a tad unprepared and did not have time to shop for snacks. So I just grabbed the pack of Food for Health Kids Yoghurt Bites we received for review a few days ago. It saved us from hunger pangs during the long drive. Try them out as they are super yummy!

That whim was well worth it as otherwise we would have missed the fun 'coz as expected, it rained the next days:

We has a good time aboard the Lonsdale Eco-Cruise to watch seals, dolphins and plenty species of birds.

And we lazily and leisurely explored the area.

And went food trippin'.

But perhaps best of all, was the 5 hours we spent at the beach boogie boarding and sun worshipping. The water was warm and perfect that day! (Lucky as the water was chilly the following days and we never had the chance to go for a dip again).

We stayed that night at the Golden Terrace Holiday Park.  Anya loved the huge solar-heated pool which we had for ourselves.

In spite of the challenge involved in pushing a wheelchair while controlling a dog on a leash, the day turned out to be one of the best mother-daughter-pet day ever.

Have you ever drove for hours on a sudden impulse?


Chew On This said...

If only I had my own car, I would always be driving my Via around too :)

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