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Friday, January 18, 2013

Do you still keep photo albums?

My family and I went browsing old photo albums one night, and what fun and hilarity ensued. Seeing our old selves and the activities we've gone through were definitely heart warming. And it's times like these that reminds me I have to re-start our own family albums.

I've set that task behind as it is very daunting to go through loads of digital photos. I tend to be trigger happy and end up with many shots of the same frame. The perks of the digital camera.

Years ago, the trend was photo slide shows in dvd. I think I did that for 3 years then just lost interest as it can be exhausting and demands a lot of time.Plus I reckon, nothing beats handling and flipping over the album pages with your hand. It is just a different experience don't you think so?

I do the photo prints at home as we do have a good computer and printer anyway. I just have to remind myself to purchase quality photo paper and ink cartridges ahead  and via online. As most of the time they end up way cheaper even with the shipping cost. (You can get alerts for special promos via twitter with the 247ink toner updates and get discount codes.) Just a tip: make sure you are ordering the right cartridge for your printer model. You can also consider cheaper yet compatible ink cartridges. Ask around and do a research if you are not confident as friends say the result varies depending on brands. I personally pick the genuine ink toners as the husband is overprotective of the printer.

Do you maintain a family album? Do you go for print-at-home or queue at the shop? How long do you replace your printer's ink? (I do mine twice a year).

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River said...

I've still got all my old photos, many of them in albums, more in boxes stuffed into a drawer. I haven't added to them, because most of my newer photos are of places I go and things I see that I share on the blog. Family is hard to pin down now, they all say "don't take my photo!". So there's nothing newer than my youngest grand daughter aged 5 and starting school, that was almost four years ago now.