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Monday, January 28, 2013

Bupa Family Challenge

I just signed up the family for the BUPA Family Challenge which encourages lifestyle changes for a better and healthier you. Plus, completing the challenge gets you and your family a chance to win a Merlin Pass, Hoyts Movie tickets and (drum roll please) a holiday in Dreamworld! What an incentive!

Anya and I were on holidays and I used that time to prep us up for the real deal once we get back to Melbourne. (We just got back yesterday).

One of the challenges I signed up for was to to get 9-10 hours of sleep. Because we need to break the family's worst habit, which is sleeping really late, like midnight late, even on weekdays.

Anya is quite hard to get away from the claws of online gaming. And me and the husband from watching our fave tv shows. So today, Monday we start by setting up an alarm to mark BED TIME. Which should mean it's time to shut down the laptops and other electronic devices. I can already imagine the whining and the resistance that will ensue!

I also decided on the challenge of getting 60 minutes of exercise or physical activity.  We all walked the dog this morning whilst reminiscing on the holiday that was. But because we were not "exercising" much in the past 6 weeks we were on vacation in the tropical island of the Philippines, we got exhausted halfway through and had to head back home. Or else the husband had to get the car to pick us up because my legs were aching and Anya's arms were tired from pushing herself on the wheelchair. Tomorrow we shall do better!

We'll keep you updated on this family challenge which runs for 7 days to hopefully to encourage you to sign up your crew as well. It's a good time to make lifestyle changes. And though I admit I have failed in the past, I'm feeling more determined this year to improve our health and well-being. Baby steps, as they say.

There are other more challenges to choose from once you sign up like reading a book for 20 minutes and avoiding using the tv, phones or electronic gadgets at dinner time. Anya bought  a Geronimo Stilton book from the Philippines specifically to meet the challenge. She's a very competitive child.

Check out the BUPA Family Challenge.It's a great motive to start a healthier lifestyle and improve the family relationship. Speaking of which, I am yet to plan a cost-friendly family outing (another challenge) which is a great excuse for another holiday!

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