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Thursday, January 03, 2013


We are now halfway through our visit in the Philippines. We're sweltering from the tropical heat but we're having heaps of fun being with family. There is no place like home.
nothing beats a dip in the pool
I also wanted to use this time for Anya to get re-acquainted with Filipino culture, which usually translates to Food.
local treats: rice pudding"bibingka" and soy bean drink "taho"
 "puto bumbong" 
Well, the family took my mission a tad serious than I expected. They brought us around some of the good restaurants in the city. I am surprised by the many cuisines now on offer! So many options! I have been away for so long.
Many of them were buffet-styled.
Luk Foo in Quezon City
Geisha at Bonifacio High
at Resorts World
And up until the last minutes of 2012, we were feasting our hearts (and stomachs) out. Actually, up until January 1, 2013. Our hotel booking comes with a breakfast buffet, ok?
Heat at Shangri-La Hotel
There is no doubt we've gained a kilo or two in just 3 weeks of this holiday. I reckon it's just more appetizing and enjoyable to wine & dine when you're with family who you missed so much

Plus, it was the HOLIDAYS! It's simply more fun. And up here in Manila, you definitely get more yum for your buck!

But it's a NEW YEAR! The best and most popular time to resolve to eat healthy and as they say here, to reduce and start burning the extra calories gained over the holidays. No more excuses!

Are you up for the challenge of finding a healthier you this 2013?

'Coz we say, bring it on!

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River said...

The food looks so colourful!
I like Anya in the pool.
Enjoy the rest of your holiday.
We're having a heatwave here and all I can think about is a swimming pool. Naturally I don't have one, and I'm not going out to one and get sunburnt.