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Friday, February 01, 2013

Update: Bupa Family Challenge

We started doing the Bupa Family Challenge for a healthier lifestyle this week, and what a journey so far!

Going to bed earlier than our usual time was met by a lot of resistance, whining and door banging. (Bad habits are definitely hard to break.) But I reckon, it was a good time for a change as Anya starts school next week, (a new school and middle school in fact), and the kid is still in holiday mode. I also was initially adamant but I noticed how waking up has become easier. And my eye bags are getting lighter. So yes, there is such a thing as beauty sleep!

courtesy of BUPA
I thought to make bedtime more appealing by getting this dock for Anya so she can play some soft, classical music conveniently from her iphone to lull her to sleep.(And it worked!) I was hearing less mumbling since. Her clock/alarm broke down months ago, so this was a great idea as one of her problem is losing track of time (She still has trouble reading the clock & does prefer digital).  She also loves pressing down the alarm button when she wakes up.

I'm also happy to report that she's back on the "reading for 20 minutes a day" wagon. I realized that all she really needed was to get a few good books that she chose herself to get her started reading once again.

As for our 60 minute exercise, walking the dog around the reserve in front of us was still the main source. (I do the morning round, hubby does the levening). I complimented it in the past days by bringing down the Christmas tree and decors (lots of arm stretching there), and organizing wardrobe closets. And I covered Anya's books last night! (That counts, right?).

And as for avoiding electronic gadgets during dinner, I no longer bring Anya's food to her room whilst she play Minecraft. I now give her fair warning that it's almost dinner time (so she have to wind down her gaming session and head to the kitchen counter to eat.) Told her it's the healthier way and she can tell me all about her game and more during dinner. And the kid will never pass a chance to talk and explain "stuff".

To be honest, this week started to be very trying with these added changes, especially come bed time. But we are getting used to the new routine and actually feeling good about  it. As they say, no pain, no glory.

Have you visited the Bupa Family Challenge website yet? It is loaded with brilliant ideas to bring about healthy changes for the family. And if you join in and complete the challenge, then you'll be in the running to win great prizes including a family holiday to Dreamworld!


River said...

You're spot on with the earlier bedtimes. I notice the difference myself when I've been staying up later than usual. I'm much more grumpy the next day.

Anonymous said...

I second that statement. I'm alot less grumpy with more sleep. Maybe it's the 4am freezing cold that hits my face while I ride to work on moped? hmm who knows? 8pm is a bit early to sleep for myself but..were there's a will (work/money) there's a way (money to by food).