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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

You must have a Fire Plan

A week ago, there was a massive grassfire that engulfed an area of 2000 hectares.

It was relatively near us. Just a few kilometers away actually. And the smoke was massive as the fire moved rapidly. It was half hour before school pick-up when I was alerted about it. And when I stepped out the front door, the smoke was very much visible.

taken from our porch
I knew that should the wind suddenly change direction and starts to blow to the west, my suburb will be in danger. I was thinking ember attack. And gas pipes. 

It was then I realized the importance of a Fire Plan. That WE MUST HAVE one. And it was idiotic to think it was something not to consider just because we don not live in "the bush".

I was conflicted between whether I should start packing versus "I'm sure we'll be safe".  But as they say, better safe than sorry.

photo taken from near the school
So I started to pack a bag with spare clothes "just in case". I grabbed the laptop, ipad, Kiko (Anya's fave doll), a bottle of water, pairs of runners, banana (really!) and Dali. It was kind of hard to keep calm and think properly, a first for me. I reckon it is best to save somethings if ever the fire crosses and the firefighters decide to stop people from going back to their homes.

Lucky, that did not happen. No road blocks. And Anya, Dali & I were able to return home as usual.

I  tuned in to updates at a community Facebook page (very helpful at times like these), trying to find out what people are "reporting" and if there are actual evacuation warnings. Apparently, we are on a "Watch and Act" alert by the CFA. And it was the first time I heard an Emergency Warning on the radio for our neighboring suburbs.

Fortunately, we were officially out of harm's way after an hour. A big thanks to our firefighters and kind volunteers who managed the fire away from residential estates. The fire raged on until evening and remained in a southeasterly direction.

Of course, the fire was the topic of conversation amongst friends the following days. And sure enough, most of us did not have a fire plan. It was actually a good topic to discuss and to share ideas about especially on what to pack and where to go.

Today, I spent time reading through Fire Ready Information Kits and started listing stuff that we need to grab should fire happen. Like the hard drives where we store our photos, and important documents such as copies of insurance statements and valuables such as jewelry. (Things I forgot to pack that day.)

Also read this Zombie Preparedness, which is utterly amusing but informative. No joke. Because "If you are generally well equipped to deal with a zombie apocalypse you will be prepared for a hurricane, pandemic, earthquake, or terrorist attack."

Read the novella here.

Are you Fire Ready? What will be the first things you'll do in an emergency?

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River said...

Fire ready? No. But I'm confident I will survive a zombie attack, because they eat brains and I don't think I have one.
if threatened by a fire, I would of course pack essentials and get out, I wouldn't waste time waiting to see if I really do need to leave, because then it may be too late to go.
What would I pack? Some clothes but they're replaceable so not too many, my laptop, both cameras, all ipods and my diaries. Most importantly, Harvey Banana, my favourite stuffed monkey.