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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Career Paths & Open Colleges

Anya was a bit stressed out the other night, worried about choosing a career. A tad early for someone who just began middle school. She was asking me what would she do if she has already started a course, then halfway decided she no longer likes it.

It was a challenging question. Because fact is, so many practical factors like affordability will come into play. But because I heard so many stories about friends continuing on their studies even though they lack interest and ended up miserable, I told Anya that if that happens, then that's OK. We'll help her decide through. Meanwhile, she has to make sure she learns the things she needs to do now. (Whilst handing her Kumon book). Just so she'll have the basic skills and knowledge to pass the exams that will determine which paths are available for her.

Anyway, this led me to do some researching on my own about courses, universities, open colleges and online training. I've heard a lot about flexible studying but never really looked into it. It could be ideal because of Anya's mobility issues. I wanted to find out what Anya's options are and give her a rundown later on.

It was awesome to discover that learning is no longer restricted by being physically present in the classroom. If eligible, aspiring students can now earn legit education via the internet, with little or no classroom sessions at all. Which means no more having to deal with traffic, finding cheap parking space and difficult and annoying classmates. Don't you wish you had these opportunities during your time? 

It was very exciting browsing through the many TAFE and certificate courses ranging from animal care to photography. (For a while I felt like in high school once again, happily sorting away.) Payment plans are offered but what's great is you can work towards your accreditations at your own pace. Perfect for working students, those on home duties and anyone who feels the need for knowledge and skill enhancement.

Do you have any experience with online studies and open colleges? Would you want to give it a go if you can afford it? If you can turn back time, would you have chosen a different course?

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River said...

I was reading an article in our newspaper recently about helping your child find a career path and one clue is to find out what they are passionate about. If they can work towards a career doing the thing they love most in the world, they'll be happy in their eventual job.
It's still possible they may change their mind, but at least they will have a good education that may see them accepted into a different choice.

Looking back now, I see why I didn't succeed. The thing I liked to do most of all was sit around reading books. I could have become a proof reader maybe, but I didn't know about such things back then.