The Diary of Joni and Anya

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

T'was just a decade?

Officially married for 10 years now.

What have I learned so far? That I can commit to one thing after all! 

That I can thrive on turbulence. And that having a spare room is the secret to a happy and lasting relationship.

Thank you Fates!

Anyway, it was great to wake up yesterday to the smell of bacon, scrambled eggs and french toast. And to the vision of a tiny black box. My resilience & patience have been rewarded after all those years of constantly yelling "put the toilet seat up when you p*#!".


Later, a scrumptious lunch at a Japanese restaurant overlooking the Docklands. Sushi & wasabi!

And did I hear right that I'm free to give the card a workout? 

Then a gelato break at Lygon St.! Ooh, the memories we had on this strip...

And another surprise!

How overwhelmingly sweet that I had no more energy for dinner and instead returned home and spent the late hours with Kourtney & Kim takes Miami.

Is this how you fantasize your milestone celebration to go too? 


Naturally Carol said...

Congratulations Joni! Marriage is a continual game of give and take isn't it...all the best for the next ten years..hehe!

River said...

I hope you don't STILL have to yell "put the seat up when you pee", surely he has learned by now.