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Friday, May 31, 2013

Sunraysia Organic: A Review

Living and eating ORGANIC is on trend. Organic markets are popping up  and organic products are getting its own shelves at the grocer. I must admit that I'm quite hooked with the idea and am consciously making an effort towards this kind of lifestyle.

That is why I was open to road testing the ORGANIC juice range of SUNRAYSIA.
4 Flavors to Choose From
I am very much familiar with the brand as we sometimes grab the Prune and Cranberry bottles from SUNRAYSIA. (They are part of Anya's ideal nutrition plan to help her avoid urinary tract and bladder infections). So I had no qualms giving this new Organic range a go as I already know and trust the brand.

The packaging alone is very refreshing to look at so much so that it appealed to my in-laws who are here with us for a visit from the Philippines. They were the first to try it out and mind you, coming from a tropical country, they are very much used to drinking a variety of freshly squeezed fruits. And they were satisfied with the SUNRAYSIA drinks, which they just had to pour on a glass before drinking. Very refreshing & tasty was their verdict. 

Next to try was Anya who is already over the usual brands of tetra packed juices so much so that she is happy to just drink from the school's tap. She was excited to give it a go and happily handed me the empty pack within 2 minutes. She asked for another flavor. And another. Until she tried the apple & blackcurrant, which was a tad too sour for her taste.

The Apple & Orange flavorss are now reserved for her school lunch box. And they are definitely ideal!
IT'S CLEAN & HEALTHY: That means no added sugar, no artificial colors & flavors and definitely no preservatives! What's more is you're sure that it has no chemical pesticides & no genetic modification. Can you say that about your current drink?

I personally like knowing these facts and glad to find an alternative to laboriously squeezing fruits to make juice for the home. I have become quite averse to the clean up the juicer machine part. SUNRAYSIA's ORGANIC juice range is as good as what comes out of my juicer anyway. Actually, it's better unless you're sure that the fruits you buy from the market are truly organic.

IT'S CONVENIENT: The 200ml pouches (which comes with a straw) are durable and not bulky, unlike those squarish and rectangular packages. It's an easy fit for the lunch box or a handbag (I grabbed a pouch & tucked it in my small bag on my way out for school pick up once).

IT'S AFFORDABLE: Usually organic products are a tad more expensive than those which are not. But SUNRAYSIA's juices are merely $1.45 each or $5 for 5. Almost the same as most non-organic juices in tetra pack right? So why not choose the healthier option?

I now drink this whilst watching Downton Abbey
 (instead of Moscato)
IT'S EARTH-FRIENDLY. I don't know if they are brainwashing kids nowadays but Anya is always harping "But is it earth-friendly mum?". Luckily, SUNRAYSIA's pouch are 100% recyclable so that's less rubbish for you and for Australia's landfills. When I read this fact, I just had to stop and absorb so I will remember to place the pouches on the recycling bin.

So yes, SUNRAYSIA's 100% Juice products are a good deal. Look out for it on your next trip to the grocer. Give it a try because going Organic is simply the best option there is. Also available now at Woolworth's Online.

And for a chance to win 40 packs of juice, (that's enough to cover 2 daily lunch boxes for a month!) plus an Eco Shopper Bag, simply fill up the form below. Total prize pack is worth $70. This giveaway ends June 20,2013 and winner will be notified via email. Open to Australian residents only.

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