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Monday, July 29, 2013

Steaming Through with Philips PerfectCare Aqua

I love ironing, says no one ever.

When facing this chore, I need to muster up enough energy and prepare mentally. I also make sure I have nothing else lined up after my ironing schedule because I end up tired and stressed and grumpy after.

So if you dread the task as much as I do, then read on. I just might change your life.

I was recently sent the Philips Perfect Care Aqua to check out and all I can say is I wish I had it years ago!

Philips (the World's #1 brand for garment care) research team confirmed that the best way to remove wrinkles effectively is a perfect combination of intense steam and optimal soleplate temperature. The soleplate temperature needs to be just above the steam temperature to remove any moisture.

PerfectCare Aqua changed my world!
So Philips developed a "unique patented cyclonic chamber to maintain high-pressure steam that penetrates deep into the fabric for fast ironing with no risk of water leakage."

So how did it go? Instructions were clear and easy to follow and setting it up is a breeze.

But it is LARGE. Mainly due to the 2.2L fully visible watertank. You may need a side table when you use it and ample storage space to keep it.  Less than a litre of water was all it take to iron one of my loads and there was no need for a refill. It has a long cord so no more extension cords from now on.

It was NO FUSS. No setting is required at all. No more sorting! Just randomly pick any garment, from cotton to wool without having to adjust. I tend to leave hard to iron items for my husband to deal with including jeans but yesterday there were no items left behind.

 Perfect Care Aqua is approved by The Woolmark Company Ptd
No more sorting & temp adjustments, ever!
It works VERY QUICK. I was skeptical at first because I've had a fair share of using other steam irons. But this one is by far the fastest with a cotton shirt done in just over a minute. No kidding!

Shirt done in 1 minutes and 12 secs!
It just takes 2 minutes for the thing to get ready from the moment you press ON. The steam trigger is conveniently located under the handle with an option to activate the steam boost function (continuous steam output). No water leakage at all! No wait for re-heating either!

It was COMFORTABLE. The iron itself weighs just about a kilo and glides smoothly over the clothes (like butter!). And what I love most is I can safely rest the iron on the board horizontally while setting up my next garment or hanging a finished one. No worries 'coz there will be no scorching!

It does take a while to adjust to this way of "resting" the iron as I am sure we are all accustomed to resting it vertically. But the benefit is noticeable (especially for those with hand problems like me) as there is less stress on the wrist . Work safe right?

This pile: Done in less than 30 mins.!
This iron also boasts of hassle free, Easy De-Calc which is important to extend its life. I have not done this yet but reading the process sounds that it something that can be done within 5 minutes. And there's an alert which lights up when it is time to do so. How convenient eh?

So yes, I am very pleased to say that the PerfectCare Aqua works perfectly! My ironing time was halved as promised! I was impressed how it managed to transform a dreadful chore to a pleasant experience. Our "house" shirts are now wrinkle-free. I even had a smile on my face after! It's true, the right tool makes a lot of difference!

The only thing I did not like was emptying the chamber of water. Rather awkward as the iron and long cord cannot be detached. But tolerable considering the great performance it delivered.

SRP is $399.95, many may find too expensive, but it is worth your penny. It is a brilliant product especially if you have a large family. Truly a life saver when faced with a mountain of wrinkly clothes.

I recommend you get it for your home (and for your sanity's sake). Put it down on your Chistmas list, wedding or baby shower registry. I assure you, PerfectCare Aqua will be your favorite small appliance for years.

As Anya often says "YOLO"! So why agonize with traditional iron when you can simply steam through? 

Philips has a wide range of steam generator irons, check here for details and for your nearest retailers.

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River said...

It may be the world's best iron, but if it needs that much storage space, they can keep it.
Plus, I don't iron anything except my two work shirts and since I'm on holiday, not even those.
It's nice to know that this has made ironing so easy for you though, anything that makes life easier has to be good.