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Monday, July 01, 2013

Reading Eggs: Spelling App Review

Coming from an Asian background, I always make sure I am on top of my daughter's academic life. I spend time looking for books and apps to complement her Math and English school lessons. I'd like to keep her interested and challenged and develop the better studying habits.

Reading Eggs contacted me a few weeks ago to trial their Spelling app for Grade 5. It was great timing as Anya wrote one morning on a piece of paper if she can miss school as she has a "sour throat". I was of course dismayed with the mistake and took a mental note to find a workbook or an app to help her improve her vocabulary and spelling.

The Spelling app contains 10 games each of which is focused on developing specific spelling and vocabulary skill. Check Mate for instance is designed to improve proofreading skills, Word Snaps targets the concept of compound words, Helping Hands is aimed on morphemic knowledge or on how words change their meanings via adding a prefix or suffix.

I asked Anya to work on the Hit and Miss game as she obviously needs help in distinguishing words that look and sound alike such as "board" and "bored".  And there was no resistance much or whining, which is the first point I use to judge whether an educational app is worthwhile. She went on with it for the next days with just a quick reminder from me. And she does 15 minutes of the Spelling challenges without asking for a break. (Unlike when it's time for her to do her Kumon workbooks).

This Spelling app by Reading Eggs is definitely worth your $2.99. It is engaging and fun for kids so  much so that they'll hardly notice it's a teaching tool. Vibrant colors and sounds I personally recommend it as I saw how much more effective it is for Anya to learn spelling in just a few minutes a day. Instead of me choosing random words and asking her to spell it out. The Spelling app comes in different level or "grades" to make sure it is appropriate for your child. Available now in iTunes.

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River said...

I remember playing spelling games on the way home when I'd picked up my eldest. She'd spell for me any new words that she'd learned that day, then the younger kids would learn to spell them and by the time we all got home (walking) I'd have added a couple of new ones as well.