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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Let's talk Home Security and Five Star Locksmiths

Home security is a very important issue that many tend to not think about. 

Sure your doors have locks that are working and you have not had any break-ins so far. But these do not guarantee that your humble abode is burglar-proof. Just that it has not been targeted yet. Lucky you!

A few weeks ago, a friend shared the link below about how a 2 year old was able to pick the lock of her sister's door with nail clippers. 

Funny but slightly worrying right? I'm sure many of you have more valuable things at your home than a pillow pet. The internet is riddled with many instructional videos on how to pick locks. And I reckon with sufficient determination and motivation, anyone can learn it. How they put the skill into use is something else. I once read how many domestic robbery were perpetrated by amateurs.

Not that I want to frighten you, but perhaps now's a good day to take a pause and do a quick audit for weak security spots at your home. Play a burglar and walk around and outside your home. Are there door hinges outside your house? Do you have broken window locks? Are your exterior doors secure enough? 

And just because state-of-the-art security system is not within your budget means you should just let this matter slide off your to-do lists. Everyone has hard-earned possessions to protect and no one enjoys the financial and emotional stress of being burglarised. Plus, it is hard to claim for stolen items from your home insurance unless there was a clear sign of a break-in. So it is your responsibility to secure your home at all times, and sufficiently so.

So what can you do to improve the saftey of your home? You can get a dog.

They do make the best alarm and thieves hate how their continuous barking call attention.

You can also choose to place deterrents. Like installing extra locks on your external doors. A deadbolt is preferable and an affordable way to augment your home defence. If only because picking two locks instead of one means extra work and extra time for intruders. Don't make it easy for those crooks!

Thieves be thwarted!!!
Five Star Locksmiths recently installed deadbolts on a couple of doors at the back of our house. I knew for a while they are the vulnerable spots and I'm grateful no one else has figured that out. Locksmith Jonale arrived on time and did the work excellently and efficiently (and even tidied up after himself). He assured me that deadbolts are more secure that my current locks and even gave me a brief lesson on how locks work. 

the wonders of locks
Apparently, being a certified locksmith takes about 2 years of study (locksmithing and engineering) plus apprenticeship. It is a continuous learning process too as technology and products evolve over time. Jonale and his mates at Five Star Locksmiths  are all qualified and have significant experience providing commercial, residential, automotive and emergency locksmith services. And they provide a 30-day unconditional guarantee on their workmanship.

The business has been trusted by many notable builders for their display house security needs (including those in my neighbourhood).  

After meticulously installing the deadbolts, Jonale shared some home-security tips before he left. (Now that's five star service!).

1. Always invest on high quality locks and have them installed by a professional for peace of mind. Don't scrimp!

2. Most burglars pass by the backdoors/backyard so make sure these doors are always secure and well-lit if possible.

3. Install deadbolt on all exterior doors.
Jonale & his tools of the trade
4. Make it a habit to always lock up every time you leave the home. 

5. Always be wary of your surroundings especially when you leave the house. Take note of suspicious cars and unusual persons hanging out on your street. They may be spies!

Five Star Locksmiths services Melbourne and surroundings, 24/7.

What are your best tip for making your home safe from intruders?

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River said...

I have deadbolts on both doors, plus the back door is further protected by the porch gate which is full height and deadbolted. Locks on both windows too.
I remember when we lived as a family in a big house with all of us gone most of the day at work or school, we had a dog and were phoned at work one day by the police to please come home immediately. Seems our dog was holding a pair of burglars at bay, long enough for the neighbour to call the police, he held them up even after they hit him with a crowbar, when the police came they arrested the men and waited for us to arrive. Turns out the pair had burgled several houses that day, but not been able to get into ours, or get away, because of the dog and also because of deadbolts, security screens and security doors.